How long will it take to get your battery? We always have LG Chem Resu Batteries on hand and ready to go.


When you choose a solar battery you want it to be installed immediately. When you are ready to install a battery system, you may have questions like: “How long will it take to get my solar battery?” The LG Chem Resu series tends to be more readily available as LG is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Simply Solar carries LG Chem solar batteries, and always has the product on hand. When you decide it is time to install a battery in your home it is important to know the specific placement and care so your solar battery lasts you for years to come. After you complete this video series, our Batteries and Energy Storage series will educate you on items like:

  1. Are Batteries Safe?
  2. How to size a solar battery system to fit your home needs
  3. How solar batteries can help you during fire season

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