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Leading the Way in California's New Solar Era

Solar power provides a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce our reliance on electricity generated by fuels like natural gas or coal. Since 2020, all new homes built in California must include a solar system. When home builders or contractors in the Bay Area need a reliable partner to design and install solar systems for new construction homes, they can count on our team at Simply Solar.

We have the experience to help with residential solar installations of any size, and we feature a C-46 Solar Contractors license to ensure the job is done properly. Our company is NABCEP certified, and we have been serving the San Francisco Bay area since 2014. With in-house technicians that offer top-quality work on every job and an unmatched solar guarantee, you can trust Simply Solar to provide reliable, turnkey solar for home builders and developers throughout the Bay Area.

Starting a new construction project in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, or the Bay Area? Call Simply Solar at (707) 285-7037 to request a solar installation estimate today.


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Why You Should Install Solar on a New Build

Adding solar to a new home build is smart for a number of reasons. Not only can it help to dramatically lower electricity bills, but it also makes the home more energy independent while helping the environment. Plus, with California's 2020 Solar Mandate, it's required by law.

According to the Title 24 requirements that were updated in 2020, all newly built homes in California are required to have a solar system that is large enough to offset the home's annual electricity needs. Whether you are working on a few custom homes or an entire development, trust our team at Simply Solar to provide the top-quality solar systems you need to comply with California's 2020 Solar Mandate.

Benefits of Solar for New Construction Homes in California

When you think about it, adding solar panels for homes in a new home build is quite beneficial for both the developer and the new homeowner alike. When you install solar panels on your home, you increase the market value of the home significantly, while also providing lower energy costs for the life of the solar system. Your home solar panels will also reduce the home’s dependence on the utility grid when coupled with a solar battery storage system, not to mention that it minimizes the home's carbon footprint by providing clean, green, renewable energy for most of the home’s electrical needs.

With the rising price of energy, more and more communities are considering individual or interconnected solar installations, so installing solar panels means you’ll be prepared to engage with both the savings provided by net energy metering and the potential for your neighborhood to adopt a VPP, or virtual power plant. You need a storage enabled solar system to be able to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a VPP, so consider installing now to keep up with the latest energy saving trends while saving on high energy bills.

Solar panels on the tiled roof of the building in the sun set.
House with solar panels installed on roof

What To Consider When Adding Solar to a New Build

As a home builder or contractor, adding solar to new construction homes will require some additional planning and work. Some factors to consider include:

  • The strength of the roof: A solar system can add significant weight to a home’s roof, so the structure must be designed and engineered to accommodate the load.
  • The design of the roof: Features like dormers, hips, valleys, vents, and chimneys can decrease the available space for a solar system and should be carefully placed.
  • The roof’s orientation: The roof should have sufficient space on the south-facing side to support a solar system, and it should have a reasonable pitch of no more than 45 degrees.
  • The mounting system: Mounting points should be carefully placed to minimize the chance of roof leaks in the future while providing a solid attachment for the solar system that is wind and weather-resistant.

If the home does not have enough south-facing roof space or there is too much shade, the home can be exempted from the Title 24 requirements, or a ground-mounted solar system can be installed.

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Why Choose Simply Solar?

As a leading provider of solar for developers and home builders in the Bay Area and Fresno, our team at Simply Solar makes the process of installing solar for your new build easy and convenient. Some advantages of choosing our company for your next solar project include:

  • Experience at scale: We have over 20 years of industry experience, and we have worked on some of California's largest residential solar projects.
  • Top solar contactor: For over three years, we have been named as one of California’s top solar contractors, and we feature experienced, in-house technicians rather than subcontracted installers.
  • Industry-leading guarantee: Our Simply Solar Guarantee ensures that each solar system is covered by a 25-year workmanship warranty, as well as a 90% Power Performance Promise.

To get started on your solar installation in the Bay Area, call Simply Solar today at (707) 285-7037 or contact us online to request your FREE solar estimate, and add Simply Solar to your new construction bid list today! 

Solar panels on the tiled roof of the building in the sun set.