Comparing Solar Batteries

Are you trying to decide which solar battery system to choose for your home or business? We can help! This 4-part mini-series shares a few key points on how one of our solar products, the LG Chem Resu Battery, compares to the Tesla Powerwall. You’ll learn about chemical compositions, product availability, key product differences, and more.

Backup Power Ready When You Need It

The LG Chem Resu series and Tesla Powerwall are both home backup solar battery storage systems that store energy that your solar panels collect from the sun. In the event of an outage, a home solar battery backup can power your home and provide an added layer of home resiliency. Regardless of which solar battery system you choose, it’s important to understand the following points that are covered in this lesson:

Learn About Solar Power Through Simply Solar Academy

If you have any questions about choosing a solar battery system, please contact us now to speak with a friendly Simply Solar consultant. We encourage you to browse all of the Simply Solar Academy lessons for valuable information that helps you to make the right choices as you transition to clean solar power. We hope this course comparing solar battery storage system options has been helpful. Talk with an advisor now to learn more!

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