Case Study

Solar Panel Installation

Russel & Carolyn

Novato, CA

In the town of Novato, CA, a short drive from San Francisco Bay, homeowners Russel and Carolyn decided it was time to stop paying high electric rates and start generating their own clean energy. We provided them with a custom solar system to meet their energy needs. This 6.20 kW solar electric system meets 94% of their energy needs on an annual basis, and will save them nearly $2,500 per year in electrical costs. Additionally, Russel and Carolyn will be able to enjoy these benefits for years to come, as the estimated lifetime of their system rounds out to roughly 30+ years.
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System Specifics

PV Solar
Silfab 310W Mono SLA-M Black
System Size: 
6.20 kW
Number of Panels: 
Panel Rating: 

System Production

It is estimated that Russel and Carolyn have offset their electricity bills, and reliance on fossil fuels, by 94%. For their solar roofing system they decided to go with industry leading Silfab panels. With an annual clean energy production of 9340 kWh, they saw immediate utility savings, creating a cleaner energy infrastructure for their home and our planet.

Cost Summary

System Cost: 
Potential Tax Credit: 
Net Cost: 

Electrical Production

9,340 kWh per year
This is the equivalent to 16,430 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle!
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Solar Installation Incentives

California is encouraging homeowners to switch to solar with a variety of incentives. Russel and Carolyn were able to take $7,089 off their solar panel system cost with the 30% federal solar tax credit incentive. Simply Solar was also able to help them enroll in the net energy metering program.
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Increased Property Value

Solar panel installations can significantly increase a property’s value. In fact, it is estimated that Russel and Carolyn’s property value will increase nearly $6,000 times the size of their system! This will increase their property value by about $37,200.
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Modern contemporary house with row of solar panels on the roof
Roof of a house with solar panels

Savings Summary

Most homeowners are skeptical about price when going solar, but the savings more than make up the initial cost. By going solar, families see savings within the first month by switching their high electric bill for lower solar bill. Over the next 25 years Russel and Carolyn will have saved nearly $240,000 on electric costs.
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The Simply Solar Guarantee

In addition to our 25-year product warranties, we're proud to be the ONLY solar company that stands
behind our work with an unmatched guarantee, which includes:

25 Year Workmanship Warranty

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.

"Power Performance" Promise

Your new solar system will perform at 90% or better of the quoted production, or we will cover any additional cost incurred on your electric bill for the entire first year.

One-Time Remove & Replace

Should you require a new roof, we will remove your solar panels and install them at your home free of charge. Did we mention we also offer an in-house roofing division?

Seamless Installation

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.