Case Study

Solar Panel Installation

Stacy N.

San Carlos, CA

In the City Of Good Living, Stacy N. was looking for a way to reduce her monthly energy bill, and attain some additional value from her unused roof space. In such a sunny climate, solar was the obvious solution, but Stacy needed to be sure she would get a solid return on her investment if she made the switch.Luckily, Simply Solar was there to ensure the value and longevity of her new solar system. Our expert solar consultants provided Stacy with a thoughtful and compelling proposal, and took the time to provide explanations for all the various components involved in her new system. Because of this attentiveness, Stacy has had an easy time operating her new system, and has seen her monthly electricity bill drop from around $270 to almost nothing!Stacy had a great experience with the installation and operation of her solar system, which aligns with the recommendation she received from a friend who had also worked with Simply Solar. The cost reduction on her electric bill is already impressive, and will only become more impressive over time. In 25 years, Stacy will see more than $220,000 dollars in total savings on her electric bill!
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System Specifics

Residential Roof Mounted PV Solar
Silfab 370
System Size: 
8.51 kW DC
Number of Panels: 
Panel Rating: 

System Production

This 8.51 kW solar panel system will generate approximately 11,868 kWh/year. Stacy was initially relying on PG&E for 1,000 kWh/month, but will now be able to generate 989kWh/month on her own! This has reduced her dependency on PG&E to about 1% of her monthly electric usage.

Cost Summary

System Cost: 
Potential Tax Credit: 
Net Cost: 

Electrical Production

11,868 kWh per year
The amount of electrical production achieved by this system is equivalent to the burning of 9,306 pounds of coal - an incredible impact!
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Solar Installation Incentives

Stacy will be able to save approximately $7.5K on her solar panel system in the form of a tax credit. Additionally, Stacy was able to take advantage of NEM2, the current Net Energy Metering program, which will protect her from future rate increases and allow her to maximize her return on investment.
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Increased Property Value

The average homeowner sees an increase in property value of anywhere from $4000-$6,000 dollars per kW of solar generation they install on their home! For Stacy, her 8.51 kW system should add more than $34,000 to her property value!
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Modern contemporary house with row of solar panels on the roof
Roof of a house with solar panels

Savings Summary

Stacy was once paying around $270 a month for her PG&E bill - but with her new Simply Solar installation, those high bills are a thing of the past! With savings like this, we anticipate that Stacy will save more than $220,000 in the next 25 years - an incredible return on her initial investment!
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Environmental Impact

Over the lifetime of her system, Stacy will have greatly reduced her environmental impact. In addition to saving more than $220,000, her system will have an environmental impact equivalent to the following over the course of 25 years:


miles driven by
an average vehicle


pounds of coal
not burned


square feet of US
forest preserved

The Simply Solar Guarantee

In addition to our 25-year product warranties, we're proud to be the ONLY solar company that stands
behind our work with an unmatched guarantee, which includes:

25 Year Workmanship Warranty

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.

"Power Performance" Promise

Your new solar system will perform at 90% or better of the quoted production, or we will cover any additional cost incurred on your electric bill for the entire first year.

One-Time Remove & Replace

Should you require a new roof, we will remove your solar panels and install them at your home free of charge. Did we mention we also offer an in-house roofing division?

Seamless Installation

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.