August 11, 2023

Solar: An End Date to Your Energy Bill

Energy bill woes have become an increasing concern for California homeowners. As prices continue to rise, more and more people are looking for a way out of the constant monthly price hikes. Luckily, the solar + storage solution has only become more appealing over time. The value of solar batteries continues to rise, electrification has created a path to usage reduction, and new federal incentives have become available - all of which contribute to the strength of a solar investment. If you're serious about tackling your rising energy bill, our solar experts can help you make the switch to solar.

Energy Bill Woes

When it comes to your energy bill, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Like clockwork, once a month the bill comes due, and there isn’t much to be done but pay it and wait for the next one. If you pay attention over time, you might notice that the cost of your electricity has been steadily creeping up, but what’s the point in worrying about that? The power has to stay on, so you pay whatever the utility is charging you, again and again. After a while, it all becomes so ingrained that you don’t even question the habit. 

So, what if there was a way to break the cycle? What if you could put an end date on your energy bill? Imagine if, instead of an eternal subscription service, you could generate your own clean, sustainable energy - independently! With a solar installation, the days of paying for your power are numbered, and that energy bill? It suddenly has an expiration date.

Demystifying the Current Model

So, let’s start by demystifying the current model of utility provided power, and see what the real cost of complacency is. Traditionally, you are tethered to the grid, and when you need electricity you pay the utility for the energy you consume. That’s pretty straightforward, and for those who haven’t made the switch to solar, it seems like a familiar model. You start paying the utility for power when you start using power, and you just kind of do that dance indefinitely. 

Here’s the issue - the only consistency in that relationship is you, paying money, forever. On the utility side, the price of electricity certainly has not remained constant. The price per watt has more than doubled in the last ten years, which on its own would be plenty of cause for concern - but that’s not the end of it. In 2022, PG&E outlined a plan to increase electricity rates by 8% in January and almost 9% in March, with additional rate increases to roll out over the next few months and years. Users could see at least another 12% of rate increases in the next few years, and that’s just the forecast!

Not to mention the fact that we are entering into a series of hotter and hotter summer seasons, where more and more strain will be placed on the aging grid. Growing global instability coupled with growing global demand means the cost of fossil fuels will continue to rise, driving the price of electricity up along with it. So long as you rely on the grid for energy, you’ll continue to have the utility dictate your costs and drive your expenses up. Perhaps the system used to work, but it certainly doesn’t reflect our modern needs and situation.

Energy Bill Alternative

Luckily for all of us, there is a better way to do things. With a solar system, you control the size of your monthly payments, and set a finite end date on your energy bill. You’ll work with a solar consultant to design a system that perfectly fits your needs and budget, and with our competitive financing options, solar has never been more accessible. Now your monthly payment is a consistent investment into a long term value generator, and not a lost contribution to the vast money-sink that is the grid. 

Once you’ve taken into account the tax credits and other available programs for saving money on a system, you’ll have a better idea of your true cost - and that’s where the fun begins. From there, you just watch the savings pay for your system, and enjoy the pure profit that follows! Under this new model, you don’t just have a long dark tunnel of payments stretching off into infinity - you’ll have an actual set end date to your bill! Most people are able to cover the cost of their systems with their energy savings in a 6-10 year period, all while paying less monthly than they used to!

At this point, so long as the system is sized appropriately to cover your current usage, and expanded to account for any additional usage growth like an EV charger or a jacuzzi, you are now done paying a regular monthly bill! At this point, a normal user would only have to cover the energy used once the sun has set, and even that can be reduced further with the addition of a battery system!

An End Date to Your Energy Bill

With a battery storage system as part of your solar installation, you can even further reduce your reliance on the utility. By generating and storing your own power to use after the sun sets, you can eliminate your need for power in both peak and downtime hours, allowing you to become truly self-sufficient. A battery storage system provides an incredible addition of savings and security, and truly takes solar to the next level. With this increased resilience, you are protected against outages and other emergencies, and you can enjoy the benefits of energy independence.

Solar is the only surefire way to put an end date on your energy bills, and it’s becoming an increasingly reliable and valuable investment for homeowners in California and across the nation. If you’re interested in breaking the cycle of endless energy bills, schedule a free consultation with one of our solar consultants today!

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