June 10, 2022

The Road to Solar Savings: What is the SGIP?

What is the SGIP?

The SGIP, or Self-Generation Incentive Plan, provides rebates and solar savings for qualifying distributed energy systems on the customer side of the utility meter. SGIP rebates are one of the common incentives of solar energy, though they can be difficult to qualify for. This is a California state program, as compared to a federal program like the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Saving Money with Solar

When it comes to solar energy, there are two crucial considerations for a prospective buyer - the benefits and the savings. We have discussed the many benefits of solar in the past, and will continue to highlight the important value props, but today, we wanted to take a look at something on the savings side. There are a wealth of both federal and state options available to those who would like to make the switch to solar, and part of our job is helping you to qualify for as many of those opportunities as possible. So when it comes to solar saving, we like to think of ourselves as guides, helping you along the way to achieve your custom tailored solar system at a price that works for you.

With that being said, not all solar savings are created equal. While any program that helps you get into solar is a good one in our book, some are much easier to qualify for than others. Take the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, for example. The ITC is one of the most powerful pieces of solar savings available to residential investors, and this credit alone has opened the door for many to make the switch to solar. While solar remains an incredible investment without the savings offered by the ITC, this program still makes the barrier to entry on solar even lower than ever before. This credit is a powerful motivator for people across the industry, and has caused the solar industry to grow more than 10,000% across the country over the last 15 years or so.

The Road to Solar Savings

So, the ITC is an incredible federal program, but what about something more local? California, with its ambitious and inspiring clean energy goals, has a number of different options available for solar savings. One stands out however for being often advertised and seldom utilized: SGIP. Known as the Self-Generation Incentive Program, SGIP is one of those incentive opportunities that is advertised on paper next to the ITC as being a great opportunity for solar savings. While it’s true that the SGIP is a great incentive, it is not so easily achieved. The restrictions and qualifications on SGIP are much more difficult to overcome than those of the ITC, so while many companies may cite the SGIP as a solar incentive on offer, few will be able to actually help you qualify for it. Many applicants never even hear back on the process, so applying can be discouraging without guidance.

SGIP & The Importance of Solar

How do we know this? Well, because we recently helped one of our customers to qualify for the SGIP! It was no easy task, but we were able to make it happen, and as a result, our customer saved even more on his custom solar installation than he would have otherwise. This customer is an excellent example of both the general use cases of solar, and the edge medical needs that a battery system can accommodate.

Without a solar and battery storage system, this customer would not be able to ensure their nebulizer was running, which could put them at risk of a serious asthma attack. He is also able to comfortably work from home by powering his local server, and operate his home and food storage with clean, renewable power. This is the convenience and security of solar energy in action, and it was this medical need in particular that finally tipped the scales for our client to receive support from SGIP.

I was advised not to apply for SGIP by a friend in the energy industry because of the difficulties in obtaining the incentive, but Simply Solar helped me through the process.

Despite many telling our client not to even bother applying for SGIP assistance due to the low expectation of success, we were determined to make it happen, and the results speak for themselves.

Solar Savings Can be Yours

Navigating the process of a solar installation requires a lot of experience and expertise, which is why you’re going to want someone in your corner who knows the ins and outs of the industry. It also helps to have someone passionate on your team, who won’t rest until you achieve your perfect system at a price you can feel good about. We work tirelessly for our customers because everyone deserves to have access to the savings and security of a solar system. If you want to achieve solar savings of your own, or even just have some questions about the process, be sure to contact our expert consultants. They have a track record of success when it comes to achieving solar savings!

Smart Power For Your Home

Solar energy generates tremendous benefits for you and the planet. We utilize the latest solar advancements that will not only help you save money, but will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Our goal is to make the solar process feel simple and easy, from the proposal to the installation and throughout the lifecycle of your system.
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