August 20, 2021

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Investment?

Installing rooftop solar for your home can offer you energy that’s clean, renewable, and in most cases, more affordable than your current monthly electric bill. Going solar with rooftop solar panels is also flexible, allowing you to install as much or as little as you need to power all or part of your home. And adding to that flexibility is solar battery storage. Solar batteries allow you to store excess solar energy generated throughout the days so you can use it whenever you need it. And it's more reliable than other types of backup energy to take you through dark nights, big storms, protect your power from PG&E blackouts during wildfires, and offer emergency use energy that kicks in when you need it most.

Pro: Battery Storage Protects Against Grid Outages

Battery storage means you don’t need the sun to shine to turn the lights on. And if there’s an outage from the grid due to equipment failure or weather, you won’t be affected. Any excess solar energy your system generates but your home can’t use right away is stored in your solar batteries so you can use it anytime you need, including during a grid outage.

Pro: More Dependable Than Gasoline

If you are without power, a gas-powered generator will only take you so far. Not only are they potentially hazardous if not used correctly in the right conditions, but when you run out of fuel, that’s it!  A recent example of this problem was the Texas storm duration that left many without power, and then when the fuel ran out, without a backup. With solar batteries, you can recharge whenever the sun decides to shine.

Pro: So Many Options

We are a leading dealer in Northern California for FranklinWH solar batteries. These cutting-edge batteries are compact, easy to install, and modular, meaning you can add another one later if your needs change. Adding any solar battery solution to your system will help you reduce your dependence on the grid and help you keep the lights on, rain or shine.

Con: Technology is Moving Fast

While we don’t mean this in the negative, it is true that solar battery storage is advancing fast. The ability to store renewable energy to use for later has massive cost-saving and energy-saving applications to both utility-scale energy and your individual energy needs as a homeowner. Plus, if you wait too long, you may be ineligible for today’s current tax credits and other incentives that are ever-changing.

Investing In The Future

But while it’s true there may be advances after your solar installation with battery storage is complete, if you’ve opted for a top-notch battery option, chances are there won’t be any major new features or capabilities that homeowners can make use of coming out in the very near future. It’s not like when you buy a new phone and the next one comes right out after with another camera. The cost to produce batteries, like with solar panels, will come down over time, and capacity will increase. But the options on the market today are more than enough to see you through sunny and stormy skies for a decade or more.

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