November 24, 2023

Environmental Impact: Is Solar Worth It?

Is solar worth it? We’ve spoken at length about the value of solar for homeowners and businesses, and detailed the many ways that people can save money, add value to their property, and protect themselves from outages and price hikes. These are well documented values of solar, but there is one key factor in particular that stands out for many people: the environmental impact of going solar. Ultimately, solar is as valuable for the individual as it is for the world, and each person who makes the switch contributes to the wellbeing of our environment. We wanted to provide some context for just how impactful a solar installation can be for the environment, so we turned to the impact documented in one of our recent case studies. Based on the 12,000 kWh/year system detailed in the study, we pulled out some of the key environmental impact insights that really put things into perspective. Here are some of the incredible outcomes that can be achieved with clean, renewable solar energy.

Environmental impact

As you can see, a solar installation like the one from our case study has an incredible environmental impact, both immediately and in the long term. It also has a dramatic financial impact as well, which makes it even easier to decide to invest in a system. The initial installation of 23 panels added over $34,000 in property value to the home, and over the course of 25 years, we project that the project will save the homeowner over $220,000! It's easy to generalize about the environmental impact of solar energy, but there are real, tangible impacts to clean energy that are critical to protecting our environment. Hopefully, these insights will provide some perspective for anyone who is on the fence about solar energy. If you're interested in learning more about how to tackle your own solar project, reach out to our consultants today!

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Solar energy generates tremendous benefits for you and the planet. We utilize the latest solar advancements that will not only help you save money, but will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Our goal is to make the solar process feel simple and easy, from the proposal to the installation and throughout the lifecycle of your system.
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