September 21, 2022

Is Solar Worth It? Find Out This Summer!

The Value of Solar

This summer, we’ve seen first hand the value of solar. Not only has it been one of the hottest, sunniest summers on record, but California was visited by its very own heat dome, and had to weather a record breaking heat wave with temperatures well into the triple digits. In times like these, there is no doubt that solar generation is going to save you money - anyone who has been outside lately can see that there is plenty of sunshine to soak up and convert into clean, renewable energy.

Beyond the generation of value and energy though, the heat wave specifically demonstrated the importance of solar generation and onsite battery storage. With blackout warnings and power outages impacting thousands of people across the state, many were left without power or air conditioning at the peak of the heat dome’s impact. Temperatures here at our home office reached 117 degrees, and there were those who saw even higher numbers. 

Is solar worth it? We’ve seen this question come up before, and most of what we do is to communicate the many values and benefits of making the switch to solar. Simplifying solar is core to who we are, but while we are still experiencing the heat of summer, we have a unique opportunity on our hands. We can take advantage of the changing seasons to help you take advantage of the summer sun - this year and every year! Summer is a perfect time to find out just how much value solar can bring to your home or business, so let’s dive into some of the highlights and answer this question once and for all.

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Is Solar Worth It?

Yes! Solar power provides many benefits to residential or commercial properties, including an incredible return on investment, protection against fluctuating market prices and global events, and a major contribution to environmental health. A custom installation will add value to your property, and the return on your investment will quickly cover the cost of the system.

Solar Value: Return on Investment

One of the most prominent and notable elements of a solar installation is the financial value you can expect. First and foremost, the savings you can achieve on your energy bill are impressive. We’ve seen electric bills in the hundreds of dollars drop to almost nothing post installation, and those monthly savings add up to thousands of dollars annually and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your solar system. Between these energy savings and the potential tax credits you are eligible for, most systems pay for themselves in a matter of years. After that point, any savings are just pure value! Additionally, it’s important to consider the added property value of a solar installation. Homeowners who install solar frequently see an increase in their property value, based on the size of the system. All of this contributes to the incredible value proposition of a solar installation.

So, why is summer such a good time to see the value of a new solar system? Summer is a great time to answer the question of is solar worth it because summer equals sunshine, and with all that summer sun beating down you’re likely to be inside with the AC pumping more than usual. Not only is your energy need higher than the rest of the year, but your opportunity to match that with solar generation is equally as high! You’ll really see the impact on your wallet with a solar installation prepped and ready to go for the summertime, and we would recommend getting your project underway now so you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to realize the value of a solar system.

Solar Safety: Sense of Security

The value of a solar system can’t be limited simply to the financial benefit - you also have to consider the sense of security it provides! What do we mean by this? Consider the following. The market for electricity is constantly in flux. Just recently, massive rate increases have spiked the electric bills of many in California, and there are more proposed increases set to drop in the coming year. If you’re buying your electricity from a utility company, those bills are going to go up and up and there’s no telling where the ceiling will be, if any. A solar system protects you from those rate increases by allowing you to generate your own electricity. With a battery storage system, you’ll even be able to combat the rate increases by using the energy you created and stored throughout the day!

Battery storage gives you a layer of protection against rate increases, but it also provides you with a different kind of security - blackout protection. As we approach the summer months, there are a few things to keep in mind. Grid failure is not uncommon during these high usage months, and for some, access to power is the difference between life and death. Medical equipment, water availability, access to food - these are all potentially at risk in an outage, but a battery storage system can offset those risks. Solar provides you plenty of financial value, but some of the most important aspects of solar's value come from the peace of mind it brings. When posing the question is solar worth it, this is crucial to consider.

Solar Impact: Environmental Effect

Finally, we come to one of the most crucial elements of a solar system - the environmental impact of solar. Saving you money and protecting your family are noble goals, but making sure we take care of the environment governs our ability to do those things and more. Installing a solar system on your home or place of business is an incredible way to contribute to cleaner, more sustainable energy usage. Current energy production relies on fossil fuels and other sources that aren’t good for the environment, but a solar system allows you to remove some of the burden of generation from the system. As more and more people adopt solar energy, we will see the need for grid electricity decline, opening the path for more sustainable options across the board.

Whether you look at the environmental impact of solar from an annual perspective or over the course of the lifetime of a system, the numbers are impressive. Generating your own clean energy at home or for your business prevents the need for consumption of gallons of fuel, tons of coal, and drums of oil, and the emissions that are prevented by your solar generation are staggering. The carbon savings often amount to acres of forest per person, which contributes to a healthier environment overall.

So, is solar worth it? However you look at it, solar provides incredible value, security, and environmental benefits. Adopting solar energy is easy, and as you can see, totally worth the investment. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can achieve the kinds of value we’ve discussed in this post, be sure to contact one of our solar consultants - they’re excited to show you just how worth it solar is!

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