Caring for Your Solar System: Cleaning, Animals, Shade, and more


Don’t let solar system maintenance intimdate you. We make it easy to care for your solar installation. In this video we talk tips and tricks to care for your system, and best practices when it comes to proper solar care.

Key Points:

  1. Solar works with a battery system to keep the power on when there is an outage, but panels alone will not keep the lights on.
  2. With an inverter, your system actually produces cleaner power than what PG&E alone produces.
  3. Regular maintenance like cleaning your solar panels will keep them producing power at a high level!
  4. If birds create a nest under your panels, it is a good idea to remove the nest so the animals do not mess with the wiring or panels over time.
  5. Keeping trees around your roof trimmed will limit shading over panels.
  6. There is a way to make solar work for almost any location. Even if your roof is shaded, you solar installer can work with you to create a solar array that produces the energy you need!

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