September 15, 2023

You Should Start Your Summer 2024 Solar Installation Today

It might seem counterintuitive to begin your summer 2024 solar installation in the late summer / early fall of the current year, but the more you know about how the solar industry works, the more it makes sense. Solar is of course an excellent investment no matter when you decide to make the switch, but if you’re a strategic planner, or if you’re working with the best consultants in the business, you’ll find that there are ways to optimize your path to solar, and end up with a high value, high savings solar installation prepped and ready for summer.

When should you start your summer 2024 solar installation?

You should start your summer 2024 solar installation as soon as possible, with the preference being for several months ahead of the start of summer. If you try to install solar in the middle of summer, you may find that your installer is already booked up for the sunny season.

Early Bird

If you want to be prepped and ready to take advantage of all that summer sun, you don’t want to be trying to book an installer in July. Remember, people tend to have the same ideas when the weather turns - which is why the community pool is often full to bursting on the hottest day of the year!

Sure you could wait until it’s warm to switch to solar, but by that point you and your neighbors will all be fighting for the same limited installation slots, as more and more people have the right idea and try to switch. If you schedule now, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxed installation period, without the headache of the summer rush.

Summer 2024 Solar Savings

The biggest reason to switch to solar is the incredible savings, and as such, it’s worth considering just how much savings potential you’ll have missed if you wait until summer 2024 to go solar. Summer is a great time to have solar up because of all the great weather California has to offer. However, energy prices are a pain all year round, and if you install solar today, you’ll have months of savings under your belt before you even reach spring!

This is a classic example of the sunk cost fallacy at work, and we see this all the time in solar. “I’ve already been paying the utility for power, so what does a few more months matter?” Well, many California residents are paying hundreds a month for their power, and we’re sad to say that there are more rate hikes on the way. If you’re in a position to throw away hundreds of dollars a month, then by all means! But I suspect that most readers will agree that saving that money for a rainy day is the smart play, which is what makes a solar investment so powerful. It makes you money AND saves you money!

The 5 Seasons

Remember that there are 5 seasons every year - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and TAX season! In all seriousness, tax season is a big deal for Americans across the country, and any relief that you can get is likely going to be a benefit. No matter what you’re taking home, we could all use a break on taxes, and solar is here to serve up a sweet tax incentive in the form of a 30% credit! By switching to solar now, you’ll be able to realize your tax credit on your upcoming taxes! There are also incredible financing options available for those without as large of a tax liability, some of which allow you to trade your credit for savings immediately.

However you slice it, getting your summer 2024 solar system set up now is the best way to take advantage of the current and impending benefits of solar, while dodging the current and future financial woes of not switching. If you’re ready to start a summer 2024 solar project of your very own, make an appointment with our expert consultants today!

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