October 19, 2023

The Builder's Guide to Solar Energy Systems on New Construction Homes in California

Ever since the passage of the 2020 California Solar Mandate, virtually all new homes built in the state are required to have a solar system installed that can produce enough energy to satisfy the home’s annual electricity needs. Becoming familiar with these requirements is essential for home builders and developers throughout the state, as is working with a reputable solar contractor that can design and install the solar energy system that you need to keep your project moving forward.

Our team at Simply Solar can help. We are one of the Bay Area’s top solar installers, and we feature the products and services you need to meet the requirements of the 2020 California Solar Mandate. We are a reliable partner for all your solar needs, and we feature in-house technicians, the highest-quality products, and a full 25-year workmanship warranty on the systems we install.

Top-Quality Solar Energy Products

A complete solar energy system needs multiple components to generate solar electricity and effectively use that power. At Simply Solar, we feature high-performance products from the industry's top manufacturers, such as Solaria, Silfab Solar, SolarEdge, and EnPhase.

Our solar energy products include:

  • Solar panels: Using specialized semiconductors, solar panels absorb light and use it to generate useful electricity in the form of direct current or DC power. At Simply Solar, we feature highly efficient solar panels from Solaria, Silfab Solar, and REC Alpha.
  • Inverters & microinverters: Homes require AC power or alternating current to supply lights, appliances, and electronics with electricity that they can use. Inverters convert DC power from the solar panels to AC power for the home. At Simply Solar, we feature inverters from SolarEdge and Outback and microinverters from Enphase that offer reliable, efficient power with minimal conversion losses.
  • Solar batteries: Adding a solar battery can reduce the required size of the solar system by up to 25% while providing the ability to power the home when the utility grid is experiencing an outage. Solar batteries work by storing any excess DC power from the solar panels before it goes to the inverter. At Simply Solar, we feature high-capacity solar battery solutions from FranklinWH and SolarEdge.

Solar System Design Services

Putting together a solar system that meets the needs of the home as well as the 2020 Solar Mandate can be a challenge. At Simply Solar, we have been installing residential solar systems throughout the Bay Area since 2014. Our in-house solar experts can handle the entire design process for the solar system, or we can work with your team to design a system that meets your specific project requirements. We work with the top manufacturers to source components that work well together, creating a reliable, turnkey solar energy system that new homeowners can thoroughly enjoy.

Solar Panel Installation Services

When you choose Simply Solar for your residential solar project in the Bay Area, you can be sure that you receive only the highest-quality solar installation services. We use in-house technicians, not subcontractors, for every installation, and we can handle projects of any size. We offer exceptional customer service on every job, and our solar installations are backed by our exclusive Simply Solar Guarantee, which includes:

  • A 25-year workmanship warranty that ensures the system is installed properly.
  • A “Power Performance” promise, which guarantees will perform at 90% or better of the quoted production for the first year.
  • A free, one-time remove and replace that allows for roof repairs or replacement in the future.

Choose Simply Solar for Residential Solar Installations

Count on our team at Simply Solar for high-quality, professional solar energy solutions for all your new home builds, developments, apartment buildings, condominiums, and more. We serve all of the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley, as well as the Fresno area.

Call (707) 285-7037 today to request your FREE solar estimate in the Bay Area.

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Smart Power For Your Home

Solar energy generates tremendous benefits for you and the planet. We utilize the latest solar advancements that will not only help you save money, but will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Our goal is to make the solar process feel simple and easy, from the proposal to the installation and throughout the lifecycle of your system.
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Why choose Simply Solar when there are so many commercial solar companies vying for your business?
  • Experience: With over 20 years in the industry, we have what it takes to build a solar system that will exceed your expectations.
  • Products and Partners: With industry-leading products, which we choose for their durability and outstanding performance, you can be sure that your solar panel system will last for many decades.
  • Expertise: Commercial solar companies hire out inexperienced contractors. Not Simply Solar! We handle the full site analysis, system engineering, permitting, installation, activation, monitoring, and maintenance of your solar system.
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