January 4, 2019

Solar Panels and Roof Damage

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Just as with any project, damage may occur. The most important thing to keep in mind with solar is finding the right installer.

Often times homeowners will go through the solar process looking for the best solar option as well as the cheapest. Homeowners will conduct extensive research on the solar panel type, but may not do their research on the company that does the installation. It happens more often than you can imagine! So what are the repercussions of selecting the cheapest option? What happens when a homeowner selects an unreliable company to install their solar system?
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Roof Damage

One of the worst things that can happen is roof damage! Your roof is extremely important when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. If a system is not properly installed or if the installation company takes shortcuts, you risk the integrity of your roof. Once the installation begins, you may even compromise the warranty of your roof provided by the roofing company, so you are now relying on your solar installation company to protect your roof from the elements.

The main contributor to roof damages is water ingress. If water leaks into your home from the roof, it can cause major dry rot or mold damage. The best way to prevent these leaks is to ensure that the installation company is reliable and experienced.
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Installation Process

During the installation process, the installation company will need to penetrate your roof. In order to secure the mounting system to your roof, holes are drilled into the roof for the bolts and flashings. After doing a little research into different solar companies you will quickly learn what their levels of experience are. Companies with experience, like Simply Solar in Petaluma, know the proper way to install mounting material that creates a watertight seal. The holes that are drilled into your roof, are sealed with a reliable, heavy-duty roof sealant, but if done improperly can still allow water penetration. Also, a reliable installation company will have the best products on the market. One example of these products is the FlashFoot 2 by IronRidge. The FlashFoot 2 has features such as a 1” elevated seal and FlashFoot cap, which completely eliminate the possibility of water ingress.

Now, its time to find the right solar installation company for you!
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