May 5, 2021

Solar Battery Warranties: What to Know About the Most Popular Brands

When you go solar, you need more than just the panels on your rooftop to make sure you have clean solar energy whenever you need it. That’s where solar battery storage comes in. When your panels generate more solar energy than your home can use, they get stored in the batteries, where you can tap into that energy whenever need, like at night or if it’s rainy or cloudy. But it might surprise you to know that the most important part of your solar battery is actually the warranty.

Checking Your Solar Battery Warranty

A good warranty is worth a lot when it comes to a part of your system that you rely on to keep the lights on every day. Here are two popular solar batteries with excellent performance and warranties we recommend, and how they stack up to the famous Tesla Powerwall warranty. 

LG Chem RESU warranty

LG is big in the solar energy space and is well-known for their panels and batteries alike. The most popular battery in the US market is the LG Chem RESU 10H battery. 

What’s in the LG Chem Solar Battery Warranty?

  • 10-year warranty, or a throughput of 22.4 MWh, whichever comes first
  • Guaranteed end of warranty capacity of 60%. 

This means that at the end of your LG Chem battery’s warranty, it will still hold a respectable 60% charge.

Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion 2.0 - 12 kWh 

Blue Plant Energy solar battery storage is another popular choice, often liked for its scalable configuration that helps to find different kinds of physically demanding spaces. Customers like that you can easily expand your storage capacity with a sleek design that blends into your home.

What’s in the Blue Planet Energy Solar Battery Warranty? 

  • 15-year warranty
  • Guaranteed end of warranty capacity of 100%
  • Expected lifespan of 21 years

The long-lasting capacity of the Blue Planet battery and its generous 15-year warranty make this a great option for your long term solar investment. 

Tesla Powerwall warranty coverage

Tesla has a reputation as a leading-edge technology provider, however the Tesla Powerwall battery might not be the best option if you’re looking for a streamlined system. For Blue Planet Energy and LG Chem, the batteries can be integrated into your Solar Edge app for monitoring and determining how much energy you have left or need to store. You’ll have to compare data from two separate apps, and then there’s the warranty. 

What’s in the Tesla Powerwall Warranty? 

  • 10-year warranty
  • Guaranteed end of warranty capacity of 70%

Your Solar Battery Options

Our in-house experts at Simply Solar California recommend only the best battery storage options for our customers and then we help you figure out the best ones for the job. We’ll sort through the details and recommend the right battery and the right warranty to keep your power up and running for decades to come. Interested in learning more?

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