June 7, 2024

Secure Your Summer Plans With Solar Savings!

Solar savings are one of the main draws for making the switch to clean, renewable energy, and as such we spend a lot of time talking about just how solar saves you money. From the ability to lock in a fixed monthly payment below the price of your energy bills to the fact that those payments actually have an end date, plus the property value increase associated with an installation, solar savings are a big part of the conversation.

The Summer of Solar Savings

Something that is worth considering however is how you’re going to put those solar savings to good use - and summer is the perfect time to do so! Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your solar savings work for you this summer!

Save big with the NEM Loophole

This summer, you have an opportunity to save big with a solar + storage installation. Summer is already the perfect time to focus on energy generation, as with sky high rates and grid instability on the rise your access to power comes at a premium price if you rely only on the utility. With a battery enabled solar system, you can bank excess power to leverage during the expensive evening hours - a great strategy all year round! Then, with the help of a trusted solar provider, you can program your battery to offload excess power during the peak NBT return hours and make hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Using this NEM Loophole strategy is a great way to reduce your payback period, and to make your investment in solar even more worthwhile.

Solar Savings - Save the BBQ!

As we've previously discussed, your solar savings will come in clutch when it comes time to start busting out the grillin’ skills this summer. The best thing about a summer BBQ is sharing good food and cold drinks with friends and family, and the worst thing about a summer BBQ is anything that threatens the chill vibes you worked so hard to establish. Not only will you be able to make your summer BBQ extra special by putting your solar savings into top shelf brats and premium patties, but you’ll also be protected from blackouts!

Nothing kills the momentum and energy of a summer BBQ like the power going out - the food could spoil, the drinks will almost certainly go warm, and the party won’t be able to continue long into the evening if the lights and music are nixed! But solar storage allows you to keep the party in full swing by powering your home even when the grid is down! So, don’t get caught with the power out in the middle of your killer summer party - let your solar system keep the lights on, and your solar savings improve the festivities! 

Summer Adventures

When you go solar, you contribute to the health of our wonderful environment - so, California residents, why not get out there into the beautiful great outdoors with your solar savings? Top to bottom, California has some incredible natural wonders - from the winding coasts to the rolling hills and the beautiful forests, there’s something out there calling out to be explored. With the solar savings you’ve put together from your solar system, you can answer the call and plan yourself an excursion!

Take things up an environmental notch by planning around EV charging stations if you’ve got an electric vehicle! EV is a perfect pairing for a new solar system, as you can save even more on gas while you contribute to the overall health of the environment! Charge up at home, hit the trail, and see the sights this summer as you let your solar savings take the wheel.

Plan for Solar Savings

Without solar, your monthly energy bill can fluctuate wildly depending on the rising rates and your evolving energy needs. Summer tends to be especially impacted, as energy prices skyrocket and more people are home, increasing your energy usage. It’s a perfect storm of wallet-draining proportions, but there is a way to safely navigate these choppy seas - solar! With a solar installation, you can plan around a consistent monthly price, and mitigate your energy needs with clean energy generation and battery storage at the ready.

With the consistency and reliability of monthly solar payments, it’s much easier to plan on how you want to use your solar savings! Maybe you want to sock the savings away for a rainy day, or maybe you’re in the mood for some home improvement projects! You can always double down on your savings potential by reinvesting in clean energy appliances - electric appliances allow you to double dip on savings by both reducing your energy need while also reducing your reliance on gas fuel!

Find Your Solar Savings

If you’re ready to make moves and get started on generating your own solar savings, you can schedule a free consultation with our expert energy consultants. They’ll walk through the solar process with you, and collaborate with you to design a system customized to your needs!

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