Case Study

Solar Panel Installation

Lydia & Nick

Windsor, CA

Lydia and Nick were paying upwards of $231 per month for electricity before going solar. Their 24 panel solar system offset their electricity bills, and reliance on fossil fuels, by 96%. With an annual clean energy production of 10521 kWh, they will see immediate utility savings and build a cleaner energy infrastructure for their home and our planet. Now they are able to see savings upwards of $150,000 over 25 years!
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System Specifics

PV Solar
Silfab 310W Mono SLA-M Black
System Size: 
7.44 kW
Number of Panels: 
Panel Rating: 

System Production

This 4.02 kW solar panel system will generate approximately 6,163 kWh per year. Greg was initially dependent on 576 kWh/month from PG&E, but will now generate more than 510 kWh on his own! This relieves Greg’s dependency, from PG&E to only about 7% of his monthly electric usage.

Cost Summary

System Cost: 
Potential Tax Credit: 
Net Cost: 

Electrical Production

10,521 kWh per year
This is the equivalent to 18,507 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle!
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Solar Installation Incentives

By going solar, homeowners are able to take advantage of several incentives which can lower the cost of installing their solar panel system. Some of these incentives include reducing their electric bill, reducing their carbon footprint, and reducing their system cost with the federal solar tax credit. The federal tax credit is the most popular incentive to going solar, as it dramatically reduces the overall cost of solar, and helps contribute to a shorter payback period.
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Increased Property Value

Homeowners can see an immediate increase in their property’s value after their solar installation. This is usually seen as an increase of $6,000 x kW (size of the system). After going solar, Lydia and Nick are able to see an increase of $42,000 on top of their homes original value, more than doubling their total investment!
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Modern contemporary house with row of solar panels on the roof
Roof of a house with solar panels

Savings Summary

The initial investment for solar may seem daunting to some, but after careful planning and installation, Lydia and Nick were able to cover 96% of their electrical usage, saving them $231.75 every month! That’s $2,781 a year!
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The Simply Solar Guarantee

In addition to our 25-year product warranties, we're proud to be the ONLY solar company that stands
behind our work with an unmatched guarantee, which includes:

25 Year Workmanship Warranty

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.

"Power Performance" Promise

Your new solar system will perform at 90% or better of the quoted production, or we will cover any additional cost incurred on your electric bill for the entire first year.

One-Time Remove & Replace

Should you require a new roof, we will remove your solar panels and install them at your home free of charge. Did we mention we also offer an in-house roofing division?

Seamless Installation

For a period of 25 years, we stand by not only the work we've done at your home, but also any potential damages caused by the work we've done.