November 9, 2023

Electrify Your Home With Solar

Your home’s source of energy probably isn’t on your mind often as long as all your home systems function — but an evolving energy landscape might change that. From the rise of electric vehicles to encouragement from the federal government to switch to all-electric homes, electrification is an increasingly popular update for homeowners to make.

What Is Home Electrification?

Many homes run on a combination of natural gas and electricity. Electrifying your home means eliminating the use of any systems and appliances that utilize natural gas in favor of high-efficiency electric options. Electrifying your home can look like getting rid of your gas boiler in favor of a heat pump, switching from a gas to an induction cooktop, and choosing an electric washer and dryer.

In California, Title 24 requires any newly built home to invest in high-efficiency appliances.

Powering Your Home With Solar

The main drive behind incentives to electrify homes is to drastically reduce emissions caused by fossil fuels, which are by nature non-renewable. If you are considering taking steps to electrify your home, you should consider what your goals are. If you simply want to switch out a few appliances for more efficient ones, that is a good place to start. On the other hand, if you are looking to significantly reduce your reliance on natural gas, decrease your carbon footprint, and save big on energy bills, solar panels may be a great addition to your home.

You can use solar panels to generate the energy you need to power your newly electrified home. Once you’ve installed the system, the energy you generate is free, completely sustainable, and can even cover all your home’s energy needs if the system is properly designed.

Benefits of Going Solar At Your Home

You may wonder if the effort and investment of going solar are actually worth it. Fortunately, there are multiple advantages to enjoy when you install solar panels at your California home:

  • Grid independence: The electrical grid is under strain across the whole country, leading to more frequent inconvenient blackouts. A solar energy system can help power your home during outages if you install a solar storage solution to keep excess energy for use at night.
  • Price protection: Generating your own free energy means not having to worry about fluctuations and spikes in the cost of power.
  • Bill reduction: If you choose a solar energy system that provides for your full energy needs, your electricity use bills will plummet and may even disappear.

There’s also the fact that the government is heavily incentivizing homeowners to electrify their homes and install solar through the Inflation Reduction Act. These incentives include a 30% tax credit on the installation of a solar energy system and rebates for electrification through the Home Energy Rebate Program.

Transform Your Home With Simply Solar

If you’d like to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your climate impact, it’s time to consider solar home electrification. Simply Solar can explain your options, helping guide you through the available incentives so you can gain the most value with the most savings on your system.

Call us today at (707) 285-7037 to schedule a consultation on how home solar panels can save you money and provide consistent clean energy.

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