October 20, 2023

Electrification Spotlight - Heat Pumps and Solar

Today we’re going to talk about Heat Pumps! As we continue to discuss the benefits of electrification for California residents, we wanted to begin shining a spotlight on the various elements of an electrification project. Not everyone is a construction specialist or an industry insider, but this information can save you money on your energy bills, so we wanted to make sure you had access to it as well!

We’re starting off this series with one of the cornerstones of electrification: Heat Pumps! We’ll explore what a heat pump is, how it works, and how it fits into a larger electrification project. We’ll also show you how you can leverage solar to unlock the full potential of your electrification project!

What is a Heat Pump?

Unlike a traditional gas or electric furnace, heat pumps don’t generate heat. Instead, heat pumps transfer heat into and out of your home. Because of this, heat pumps can serve to both heat and cool your home, allowing it to operate like an air conditioner as well.

How do Heat Pumps Work?

There are two main types of heat pumps, but most homeowners will primarily use the first kind, known as air-source heat pumps. The second kind, ground-source heat pumps, are more efficient but also more expensive. If you have the means to invest in a ground-source heat pump, you can expect to enjoy a lower overall operating cost, but air-source heat pumps are still far more efficient and save more money than standard heating and cooling systems, so they are worth installing.

A traditional furnace works by generating heat which is distributed throughout the house, but heat pumps work by moving heat into and out of your home as needed. If you wanted to heat your home, you’d simply switch the heat pump to heating mode, and the system would absorb heat energy from the air outside and transfer it inside. Switching the unit to cooling mode would then do the opposite, making the unit just like a standard air conditioner. The main difference is that you use one appliance instead of two, and the device itself is much more energy efficient than the two traditional alternatives.

Your Electrification Project

As you consider taking on an electrification project, you’ll have to decide which appliances you want to replace, and in what order you want to take on these installations. Your budget will ultimately be the guide to what you want to take on and when, but if you’re interested in an electrification project, heat pumps are a great place to start. Depending on the climate you live in, you should be able to replace both your furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump, which will save you quite a bit of money on energy usage over time.

Solar Supercharge

The strength of an electrification project is that your investment in energy efficient appliances leads to a marked reduction in your electricity costs in the short and long term. Given the rising price of both gas and electricity, this is a great way to save on your energy bills. However, we can take this even further with a solar installation. By generating clean, renewable energy at home, you can double dip on your savings. You reduce your total energy consumption with high-efficiency home appliances, and then you reduce your spend even further by generating the electricity required to power those appliances.

Solar really is the best friend of electrification, and heat pumps benefit greatly from the inclusion of solar in your system. To get started on your own solar enabled electrification project, schedule a free consultation today!

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