September 1, 2023

How to Electrify Your Home

The question of how to electrify your home has been growing in prominence over the past year or so, and interest in electrification shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, based on legislative trends, electrification seems to be in a similar position as solar and battery storage installations, in that we are moving towards an era where all are required for California homes. For the time being, there are many incentive opportunities for those who want to invest in electrification, so if you want to electrify your home, now is the time to do so.

As with all incentives of this nature, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will have to make the switch and that no one will compensate you for doing so. As it stands, there are state and federal programs to help with your transition into an energy efficient home, and these programs will only reduce in value over time. Let’s explore what it means to electrify your home, and cover some of the benefit programs that currently make the process more enticing to California residents!

What is Electrification?

Electrification is the process of replacing natural gas powered appliances in your home and replacing them with high efficiency electric appliances. This includes replacing the gas stove or heating system in your home with an electric stove and heat pump. Title 24 requires new construction to include energy efficient appliances.

How to Electrify Your Home

As with any construction or home renovation project, when it comes time to electrify your home, you’re going to need some guidance as far as navigating the process. These kinds of projects can be as simple as installing a single appliance in place, but some of the larger and more impactful upgrades will require working with a contractor or installer, and you may need to consult with them on planning or design. We’ve simplified the process into an easy to follow 10 step guide, which we previously talked about for Central Valley homeowners. The process itself is applicable to all California residents, so we’ll include the list here for your convenience, with a link to the full piece if you want more in depth information:

10 Tips for Electrification

  1. Review your Needs
  2. Consider your Goals
  3. Pick a Trusted Provider
  4. Understand the Incentives
  5. Utilize the Solar Tax Credit
  6. Check your CCI Eligibility
  7. Ask about SGIP Benefits
  8. Explore Financing Options
  9. Extend Value with Electrification
  10. Tell your Friends

This process starts with taking a look at what you need from your electrification project, making a note to consider your goals as well. What do you want to achieve? This can include outcomes like reduced reliance on natural gas, increased efficiency, and saving big on energy bills. Once you’ve identified what you want and need from this process, then you can start to look for a trusted partner who can help you take advantage of the many incentive opportunities that exist for electrification efforts. As you go through the process to electrify your home, you’ll find that there are lots of things to keep track of, which is why it can be helpful to have an expert consultant helping you stay on top of everything.

Title 24 and Electrification

We’ve covered Title 24 in a previous piece, as the Energy Code has a profound impact on the solar industry, but what does Title 24 have to say about electrification? Well, it turns out that the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards regarding electrification and energy efficient appliances are very similar to the rules about solar installations. New construction and renovations will require energy efficient considerations, including upgrades to window and door materials, lighting, electrical panels, insulation, faucets, and more. Larger upgrades like electric heat pumps are also a primary focus, and this is where electrification starts to align with solar and battery storage.

As it stands, solar installations are a requirement for new construction projects, and substantial renovations may also trigger the need to upgrade. Battery storage has started as a commercial inclusion, with indications that similar requirements will trickle down to residential in the next code update. Similarly, solar and electrification efforts are currently required for new construction, but it is only a matter of time until existing structures are required to upgrade to more efficient and renewable efforts. Of course this will not be an immediate requirement, as there is a cost associated with electrification that not everyone is ready to undertake. This is why we recommend that if you want to electrify your home, you work with a consultant to take advantage of the many incentive opportunities that exist to facilitate the transition to solar energy and high efficiency appliances.

Making the Switch

If you’re interested in undertaking an electrification project by making the switch to high efficiency appliances and a solar installation, reach out to one of our energy experts. By scheduling a consultation, you’ll be able to review all available incentives and make the best decision for your needs and budget.

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