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Choosing the best solar power installers is more challenging than choosing the right solar panels. When considering installing solar energy on your property, you need to select a reputable company with competitive pricing. It should also meet all the necessary state licensing requirements.

However, most homeowners don’t know where to start when choosing a solar company. If you’re in this category, don’t panic. Read our guide below on how to pick the right solar company:

Don’t Depend on Price Comparison Websites

Some solar installation companies want to make the purchasing process more like choosing a hotel or a flight. This is an oversimplified approach that emphasizes only the price of solar panels and installation. Choosing a company solely based on its pricing is a mistake that may cost you dearly in the future.

Before choosing the cheapest available option in the market, ensure you check whether the company meets other factors on this list. A residential solar power system is complicated and sophisticated. That’s because it has numerous components that must work seamlessly together. 

Additionally, the solar installation process requires the installer to coordinate with the utility company. They should also get permits from one or more relevant authorities in your area as well as handle the paperwork. 

A reputable solar installation company will ensure they coordinate all the paperwork, making the process easier for you. But since the process is quite complicated, there are many opportunities for the installation company to mess up.

You should be very careful when you find an installer offering to do the job at almost half the price. They could be cutting corners to make the process cheaper. This will cost you dearly in the future.

Get Multiple Quotes

When handling a home renovation or improvement project, it’s advisable to get more than two quotes. This allows you to compare different prices and the services covered to ensure you get a fair price. Additionally, you will also compare the companies’ credentials to ensure they are reputable.

Requesting multiple price quotes helps you compare different companies’ installation approaches and the equipment they will use. For instance, the most unacknowledged aspect of installing a solar panel is how the installers will secure the racking to the roof and ensure its waterproof. Different installers have varying expertise levels, especially when handling more challenging roofing materials like clay tiles.

A sub-standard installation job is likely to compromise your roof’s waterproof integrity. This may result in losses worth thousands of dollars that will utilize the savings you achieved by installing solar energy. For this reason, it’s essential to know the solar company’s method of installation.

Avoid Power Purchase Agreements and Leases

Some big solar installation companies often avoid selling solar systems to their clients. Instead, they will convince you to rent a system by offering products such as power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leases. These are financial products meant to increase the company’s profits while reducing your system’s financial returns on your end.

Some of these financial products are not ideal for consumers because they stand to benefit the offering company. For this reason, it’s best to purchase your solar system instead of leasing one. That’s because leasing will automatically increase your electricity bills every year because of the escalator clauses included in the paperwork.

Choose a Company With Enough Experience

When looking for an ideal California solar system installer, it’s advisable to go for a local company that has been in the industry for a long time. Be very wary of new solar companies that have only been operational for a few years. More experienced companies are likely to do a better job than new ones.

The best way to find out about a company’s experience level is by checking its BBB rating. You can also check online for their local or state-offered license to determine whether they’re licensed.

More experienced solar installers are better because they are technically competent. They are also more likely to still be operational a few years down the line if you require warranty services.

California is a great state when it comes to solar installation. That’s because it has one of the most mature solar installation markets compared to other states. This means it’s easier to find installers with over ten years of experience.

Another great advantage of purchasing solar systems in this state is the California solar consumer protection. Consumer protection helps you:

  • Know your rights
  • Determine false claims
  • Understand how your solar system works

For example, the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide released in January 2021 helps you know the steps to go through before signing your solar installation contract.

Check the Solar Company’s Online Reviews

This wouldn’t be the ultimate solar guide without advising about online reviews and client testimonials. When checking a company’s online reviews, the best place to start is the company’s BBB rating. The Better Business Bureau is a review site that works a little differently than other online review sites.

It gathers client complaints about a specific company and finds a way to mediate between them. Checking previous clients’ complaints about a business will help you identify incompetence and poor practices by the company. Ensure you also confirm if the complaint was resolved or not.

Companies that don’t bother to resolve consumers’ complaints are more likely to be incompetent. This means you risk getting subpar services if you hire them.

It’s also advisable to check out other online review sites such as Google Reviews, Angie’s List, Yelp, and However, be wary of online reviews as they are vulnerable to manipulation. If something doesn’t feel right about a business, move on to the next one.

Choosing a Solar Installer Simplified

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