The countdown to NEM 3.0


The current Net Energy Metering agreement, NEM 2.0, is set to expire on April 13th. In order to ensure that our teams have time to complete and file all required documentation, we will not be accepting NEM 2.0 applications after March 15th.

The deadline to partner with Simply Solar on your NEM 2.0 solar project is March 15th! To secure your position on the current agreement, make an appointment with one of our expert solar consultants as soon as possible!
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What to know about NEM 3.0?

While there will still be benefits to solar power post NEM 3.0, the incentives for a residential solar installation are the best they have ever been right now!
  • Deadline:  The deadline to qualify for NEM 2.0 is April 13. This means your NEM 2.0 application must be submitted before this date. As long as your application is filed before then, you will be grandfathered into NEM 2.0 for 20 years. Don't worry, Simply Solar will take care of the NEM application for you!
  • Electrification Plan: There are no new "solar taxes" in NEM 3.0, but customers will have to sign up for an electrification plan which will add $$ to their bill each month. If you are a PG&E customer, you will have to switch to an e-electric plan.
  • Reduction In Value: Once NEM 3.0 is live, the utility will begin to pay less for the clean power you are generating. We will provide a full breakdown of the updated export values in your consultation, which should demonstrate the increased value of a NEM 2.0 installation.
  • A Solar Battery Is Necessary: Your solar investment will be greatly enhanced by adding a battery storage solution. The utility is changing the import and export rates of power, so without a battery, you may not be getting the best value for your energy.
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