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Case Study

Solar Panel Installation


Kevin & Rita

Santa Rosa, CA

Kevin & Rita’s solar panel system includes 20 solar panels and produces 7.30kW. Before going solar Kevin and Rita were paying an average of $225 per month or $2700 per year! After switching to solar they were able to offset their electric bills, and reliance on fossil fuels, by 94%. Additionally, they were able to decrease their monthly utility payments to $10-15, saving them approximately $212.22 per month.
Kevin and Rita’s solar roofing installation will have paid for itself in only 7 years. Solar power systems are currently one of the best investments a homeowner can make with a typical return on investment of 5-7 years. Like many homeowners in Sonoma County, Kevin & Rita saw immediate utility savings and are generating clean, renewable energy.
Type: PV Solar
Panel: LG 365W Mono
System Size: 7.30 kW
Number of Panels: 20 Panels
Panel Rating: 365W
Completion Date: October 8, 2019
Our Mission

System Specifics

This solar system was designed to produce 10,001 kWh per year to offset Kevin & Rita’s monthly usage by 94%. With a 25 year product warranty and lifetime system monitoring you get a system that will last decades.


System cost: $34.29k
Tax Credit Savings: $10.28k

Net Cost: $24,003


10001 kWh per year

This is the equivalent to
10,813 miles driven by an
average passenger vehicle!

Solar Installation Benefits


The federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit, which is often thought of as the top incentive to going solar. In addition to the solar tax credit, home and business owners who go solar can take advantage of net energy metering (NEM). NEM is offered through your utility provider and helps maximize your payback. NEM works when solar systems generate more power than needed, the excess energy is sold back to the grid.

Quick Payback Period

The cost of solar has come down substantially in the past 10 years as technology has improved making solar more affordable than ever before. Kevin & Rita’s solar roofing installation is expected to pay for itself in approximately 6.5 years after the initial install. The typical return on investment for solar is 5-7 years, making a solar panel system one of the best investments a homeowner can make.

Increased Property Value

Any addition or improvement you make on your home has the potential to increase the house’s value. Installing a solar panel system to your home is a great way to substantially raise the property value. Not too many homeowners know that for every kW of their system, the homes value increases by $6,000.Kevin and Rita’s system of 20 panels yields 7.30 kW which increases their home’s value by $43,070.


After the solar panel installation was complete Kevin and Rita, like many homeowners, saw immediate savings on their bill. After state and local government incentives were applied the net cost of the project was just $24,003, saving Kevin and Rita $10,287 that they can reinvest however they choose.

Environmental Impact

Over 25 years, Kevin & Rita’s solar roofing installation will help the environment greatly! In fact, over the systems lifetime it will have the equivalent impact as planting 6,945 trees, reducing the carbon output of driving 227,295 miles as well as saving 311 people’s trash!