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Case Study

Solar Panel Installation


Heather & John

Santa Rosa, CA

Located in beautiful Santa Rosa, CA Heather & John decided it was time to make the switch to solar roofing and lower their electric bill as well as reduce their carbon footprint. We were able to fit them with a 16 panel solar system that covered 99% of their electricity needs. Their system was custom made to fit their energy needs, using high efficiency, industry leading, solar electric panels. The 16 panel solar system is estimated to save them over $100,000 over the next 25 years, which equates to about $1,800 in the first year and trends upward! Needless to say, Heather & John are excited to have switched to renewable energy and look forward to the monthly, annual savings!

Type: PV Solar
Panel: Silfab 310W Mono SLA-M Black
System Size: 4.96 kW
Number of Panels: 16 Panels
Panel Rating: 310W
Completion Date: October 1st, 2019

Our Mission

System Specifics

We expect Heather & John’s solar roofing system to offset their electricity bills and reliance on non-renewable energy by 99%. On a yearly basis they will generate about 7,500 kWh with their solar roofing system. With their solar energy installation they will reduce their carbon footprint benefiting the planet and their wallet.


System cost: $23.8k
Tax Credit Savings: $7.15k

Net Cost: $16,688


7514 kWh per year

This is the equivalent to
10,813 miles driven by an
average passenger vehicle!

Solar Installation Benefits


The installation of a solar panel system comes with a variety of incentives. The main incentives include: a lower bill, a cleaner planet and a federal tax credit. The federal tax credit often dramatically reduces the cost of going solar, further encouraging the installation of home solar panel systems.

Quick Payback Period

Homeowners who go solar usually see a return on investment within 5-7 years. Heather & John will see their ROI begin around year 7 and from then on, they’ll be generating free energy for their home! Not only are they creating virtually free energy but they’ll also be able to take advantage of the Net Energy Metering program.

Increased Property Value

Property value instantly increases with the installation of solar panels. Solar panel systems typically can increase a property’s value by $6,000 times the size of the system. In this case, Heather & John have seen their homes value shoot up by almost $30,000! This increase is almost double what they paid for their solar roofing system after the federal tax incentive.


Although going solar can seem expensive, the savings in the short-term, long-term, and the tax incentives make it affordable, if not cheaper than your current electric bill. By going solar, you are essentially switching your high electric bill for a more affordable solar bill. Once your solar roofing system is paid off, the savings are endless! As electricity rates continue to rise, the solar energy installation gives homeowners and business owners alike the peace of mind knowing they are no longer as affected by energy rate hikes.

Environmental Impact

Often times, for homeowners going solar, their main concern is the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. By switching to a renewable energy source they are able to provide an environmental impact over the next 25 years equivalent to planting over 5,000 trees, reducing the carbon output of driving 170,771 miles as well as saving 234 people’s trash. A solar energy installation is a win-win!