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Case Study

Solar Panel Installation



Sonoma, CA

Nestled in the heart of Sonoma, Greg decided to install a solar system with Simply Solar to avoid paying high electricity bills. Greg’s solar roofing installation will generate 93% of his electric needs and he will only pay $9.29 a month for electricity!

In the first year, he will see approximately $1,520 in savings which will only increase over time. In 25 years, Greg will see well over $80,000 dollars in savings, simply on his electric bill. Not only will the system save him money, but he will see a return on investment in 7 years!

With LG solar panels, Greg is covered by their outstanding manufacturer’s warranty, as well as Simply Solar’s workmanship warranty. In other words, he will have a reliable and industry-leading solar panel system for more than 25 years!

Type: PV Solar
Panel: LG N1C-A5 Neon2
System Size: 4.02 kW
Number of Panels: 12 Panels
Panel Rating: 335W
Completion Date: October 4, 2019

Our Mission

System Specifics

This 4.02 kW solar panel system will generate approximately 6,163 kWh per year. Greg was initially dependent on 576 kWh/month from PG&E, but will now generate more than 510 kWh on his own! This relieves Greg’s dependency, from PG&E to only about 7% of his monthly electric usage.


System cost: $18.7k
Tax Credit Savings: $5.6k

Net Cost: $13,147


6,163 kWh per year

This is the equivalent to
10,813 miles driven by an
average passenger vehicle!

Solar Installation Benefits


Greg saved $5,634 on his solar panel system in the form of a tax credit. Additionally, Greg will be grandfathered into the NEM2 (Net Energy Metering) program. This will help protect him from future rate increases and will help him to maximize his return on investment.

Quick Payback Period

The industry average for a return on investment (ROI) is around 5 to 7 years. In Greg’s case, he will see the system pay for itself in approximately 7 years!
This ROI may even lower due to the anticipated electricity rate increases.

Increased Property Value

Not only will Greg see a return on investment in 7 years, but he will see an immediate increase in his property value. For every kilowatt, the property value is increased by about $6,000 dollars! Meaning that Greg has improved his property value approximately by $24,000!


In the first month, Greg saw immediate savings after installing his 4.02 kW solar system. His once high PG&E bill has disappeared and is now paying less than $10 a month for electricity. Based on our calculations, Greg is anticipated to save over $83,000 in the next 25 years!

Environmental Impact

Over the lifetime of Greg’s solar system, he will have helped the environment greatly. His solar system will have an environmental impact equivalent to 4,280 trees planted, 140,063 miles driven, and 192 people’s trash! Greg is now saving money and the environment!