January 31, 2024

Top Solar Panel Brands in 2024

Solar panels have been around for quite a while now — they were even installed at the White House back in 1979! They have been reliably generating power for decades, but now that incentives are driving both commercial and residential adoption, the technology behind them is developing faster than ever before. There are plenty of solar panel manufacturers out there, but not all products are made equally. At Simply Solar, we make it our mission to know which brands have the best solar panels on the market, so here are our top picks for solar panels in 2024.


REC is a quality-first company. Founded in 1996 in Norway, the company has become an industry powerhouse, with around 38 million panels produced to date. They uphold quality through a combination of strict internal testing and maintaining endorsements and certifications with third-party entities. Because of this, they have industry-leading low claims on their comprehensive 25-year warranty. We trust REC to provide the performance you expect and more.


For QCells, high-tech innovation is the name of the game. Their Q.ANTUM tech is the most mature Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology on the market, with QCells being the first company to commercialize it. It offers 7% greater power output than standard cells, ensuring unmatched value. All product engineering takes place in Germany, where a four-level quality assurance program ensures that every product meets strict standards to ensure the value of your investment.

JA Solar

As an international industry leader, JA Solar’s reputation rests on its DeepBlue panel technology. Its current iteration, DeepBlue4.0, is capable of power production up to 615W. The series comes with a slew of upgraded features that set it aside from other solar panel brands, including:

  • High-density encapsulation
  • Reduced degradation
  • Lower temperature influence
  • Higher bifacial benefits
  • Better low-light performance

They are also known for having exceptional reliability — an issue many of the cheaper brand options struggle with. Many customers also appreciate JA Solar’s commitment to sustainability. They operate with high transparency and have a net zero emissions goal for 2050, all while producing world-class quality solar panels.

When It Comes to Solar, Quality Is Key

Don’t get stuck with substandard solar panels. You can end up with dead cells, deteriorating energy production, or even outright failure. At Simply Solar, we provide solar panel products that are precision-engineered, quality-checked, and warrantied. And, when you work with us, you’re also covered by our 25-year workmanship warranty.

If you’re interested in going solar, call Simply Solar at (707) 285-7037 to speak to our team and schedule your solar consultation today.

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