July 15, 2022

The Inevitability of Solar Energy

There are some who say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. While that may be true, it’s certainly a more cynical take on inevitability - especially when there are so many other great examples of things that are bound to happen. For instance, every new year is another birthday waiting to happen! Somewhere out there in the world is your favorite food, and you’ve either found it already or are about to find it. And, no matter what, the sun rises every morning.

That last one is important, because it ties into another inevitability that everyone should be aware of - the inevitability of solar. Think about it, California is leading the way with its green energy goals, and the rest of the country is bound to follow suit sooner or later. We know that our current model of producing energy with fossil fuels isn’t sustainable, and sooner or later we are going to have to address that. Some may want to put that conversation off indefinitely, but based on trends in the solar industry, there’s no denying that solar is the future of energy production, and that we are closing in on a paradigm shift that will see solar move to a requirement for all.

Is solar energy really inevitable?

It’s important in a conversation about inevitability to understand just what is meant by that phrase. When we talk about the inevitability of solar energy, what we mean is that sooner or later, all new and existing businesses and residences will be required to have a solar installation of some kind. Given the current legislative trends in California, it would not be surprising to see battery storage included in this larger solar mandate, as well as widespread adoption of energy efficient appliances.

When we make claims like this, it’s not simple conjecture - which is to say, this isn’t a hunch, or a wild, uninformed guess. These opinions are founded on close observation of the industry by seasoned professionals - people who have been providing solar systems for over 20 years. With our solar native perspective, we have cultivated key insights into the inner workings of the industry, from product and design to the legislation that governs the installation of solar systems. We’ve seen solar go from a perceived pipe dream to the very real and crucial future of our state, nation, and planet, and we’ve watched as solar was folded into the green energy goals of the state.

In 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 100, which set California on a course to 100% renewable and zero-carbon sourced electricity by 2045. This was followed just a few years later by The California Solar Mandate of 2020, which is a series of evolving building codes designed to bring business and residential developments in line with this green energy goal. This includes things like battery storage becoming a requirement for certain businesses, a trend that may indicate a focus on battery storage for the residential sector is coming soon!

In the past ten years alone, we have seen incredible advancements and real momentum behind the push to set a solar standard for the people of California, and if you pay attention to the way the mandates have been updated, it is clear that these regulations will soon extend beyond new construction projects. New construction was a useful way to fold in adoption, but those who are holding out will eventually have to make the switch - solar energy is inevitable in California.

Why should I switch to solar energy?

This is a great question! If solar is inevitable, why should I switch to solar now? Why not ride out the current model until the very end? Sure, you could wait to go solar until someone literally makes you, but there are a number of compelling reasons why you might want to act now, as opposed to just waiting for change.

Given that solar is inevitable for all businesses and residential properties, there are many programs that have been designed to incentivize early adoption. In a situation of change like this, it’s always preferable to give people a reason to switch, and both federal and state level programs exist to do just that - financially reward you for investing in the future of clean energy. The most notable and recognizable of these is the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. This program currently represents a 26% tax credit for those who invest in solar now, but that program is set to depreciate over time.

While waiting until solar is mandatory might seem easy, it’s certainly a missed opportunity to save significantly on a solar installation. Waiting on the fence also puts you in a position where you’ll have to get into solar at whatever the price point is a few years from now, when many markets are currently reacting to inflation and instability. There is a clear trend of rising prices across all industries, and while responsible solar installers will work tirelessly to keep prices and financing options accessible, the market will continue to evolve outside our control.

Finally, there is something to be said about product availability - the supply chain issues of the past year have only served to highlight the importance of securing necessary products early, and you wouldn’t want to be caught needing solar and having to wait on backordered components. A recent issue regarding import tariffs saw some companies unable to access solar panels, and while Simply Solar has supply lines established to combat these potential shortages, when all of California is expected to make the change, you’re not going to want to be stuck in the frenzy of people trying to find a provider with product in stock.

How can I secure my solar future?

The easiest way to secure your solar future without the headache of missed savings, high prices, and product shortages, you’ll want to find a solar installer with experience and pedigree, with product and teams on hand to assist you. Luckily, Simply Solar has long known about the inevitability of solar energy for California, and is ready to assist you with your dream solar project. Reach out to one of our expert consultants to learn more about how you can get a leg up on the inevitable!

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