September 10, 2022

Is Your Smart Home Ready for Summer?

This summer has been an excellent example of the importance of solar energy. California has been visited by a Heat Dome, a high pressure weather system that essentially cooked the West Coast for days and days. In the midst of this record breaking heat wave, thousands of utility power users received a message cautioning them from using excess power, citing grid instability and the promise of rolling blackouts. When the temperature is in triple digits, you can't afford to be without power, and it shouldn't break the bank just to keep your house from becoming an oversized oven. If you want to beat the heat wave, and enjoy some guilt free AC even as the grid threatens to go down, consider a solar system with on site battery storage. A smart system like this can protect you from the worst this weather has to offer, and save you money in the process. Clearly this heat isn't going away, and the new 30% tax credit for both solar and battery systems makes this an opportune time to invest.

Smart Solar in the Summer Heat

Recently, we began the conversation about how solar energy fits perfectly into the conception of a modern Smart Home. A solar system perfectly compliments the vision of a Smart Home, and is integral to achieving energy independence and ensuring your smart devices are truly environmentally friendly. Well, we’re continuing that conversation today because summer is right around the corner, which means that now is the smartest time to make the switch to solar energy. Let’s break down some of the reasons that investing in solar is so important at the moment, and expand the horizons of the solar offering in the process!

Soak Up the Sun

When it comes to solar production, summer can’t be beat. The days are longer, the sky is clearer, and the weather is as hot as can be. There is a massive potential for solar energy generation in the summer months of the year, which means you’ll want to be set up with your new solar system sooner than later.

What you need is an installer with experience designing and installing solar systems with peak production efficiency and value generation in mind. This will allow you to make the most of the sunniest season with a system perfectly tailored to fit your needs. If you want to be solar ready by the time summer rolls around, now is the time to reach out and speak to an expert about getting your system set up.

High Temperatures, Higher Prices

If the opportunity to generate tons of clean, renewable energy isn’t enough to get you in the door, let’s consider the cost of not going solar. All that good summer sun that makes for excellent energy generation also takes a toll on your energy bill. We use more energy during the summer months than almost any other time of year, due to things like air conditioning and increased occupancy (school’s out for the summer after all!).

Your summer energy bills are going to be as high as the temperatures outside, and with the recent rate increases, even the most prepared homeowner is bound to be surprised by these rising costs. One way for you to take on these rising prices is to install a solar system sized for your needs! A custom solar system will ensure that you get as much value as possible out of your space, whether you’re installing a roof or ground mount. Get yourself set up with solar before the summer, and you’ll be able to outshine your electric bill.

Summer Storage

Beating the heat and your energy bill at the same time is a great way to save this summer, but there’s one secret tip that you can take advantage of to truly make the most of all that sunshine. When you have a solar system in place, you’ll be able to convert sunshine to savings all day long. However, once the sun sets on another day of fun, you’ll be back to relying on the power grid for your energy needs - which isn’t good for the environment or your savings! To truly achieve the smart energy system you deserve, you need to consider a battery storage system. With a battery system, you’ll be able to store all the excess energy your system generates throughout the day, and then use that energy to power your home at night, or in the case of an emergency should the power go down.

We discussed in our Smart Home article all the ways that a battery storage system makes you resilient to emergency situations or blackouts - from saving money to saving lives, having access to power when you need it is critical. This summer, set yourself up for success by installing a solar system with battery storage, and watch as the savings roll in, right alongside all that peace of mind. You deserve to be enjoying yourself this summer, not agonizing over every bill or worrying that you may lose power in the midst of a dead heat. 

Our Newest RECommendation

The basis of a quality Smart Home is all about those hand-picked components, the must-have pieces that come together to make one powerful, unified system. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase one of our newest partnerships, and show you the kind of impact it could have on your home. Simply Solar is proud to offer the REC Alpha, a series of premium solar panels for both homes and businesses. Not only are these panels aesthetically pleasing, but they’re incredibly efficient as well, providing you with an incredible return on your solar investment.

The REC Alpha series of panels feature a number of smart design features that make them a worthy addition to any Smart Home, including an innovative frame that is both durable and easier to transport, resulting in further savings for you and your family. If you’re looking to get set up with a solar system before summer arrives, REC Alpha panels would be an excellent addition to your project. If you’re ready to get started, now is definitely the right time to do so - schedule some time with one of our solar experts today, and get ready to save big this summer!

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