November 25, 2019

Facts About Solar Energy

Facts About Solar Energy


The time for solar energy is now! Not only is solar energy incredibly abundant, it is also economically efficient. Solar energy is the low cost and zero pollution form of energy that is taking the world by storm and Simply Solar wants you to be a part of it! Check out these ten facts about solar energy and transform the way you think about renewable energy. 


1. Solar Energy: The Definition

Solar Energy

Solar energy is amazing because it is fueled by the sun, meaning it is a renewable energy source that will never run out. Solar panels can turn sunshine directly into electricity, making your home or business more green, but also cutting down the price of your electricity bills. The basic solar panel roofing model is made out of silicon wafers, similar to those used in computer chips. These are perfect for collecting sunshine from the comfort of your roof!


2. Most Abundant Energy Source

A turn to green energy is what this Earth needs. Solar energy is actually more abundant that other forms of fossil fuels like gas, coal, or oil. The sun provides enough energy to meet the entire globe’s energy needs. There is huge potential in residential and commercial solar panels, and the need for solar energy is only growing. At Simply Solar, it is our goal to meet this need and provide a greener future for our clients.


3. Harness The Sun At Its Best

It is well known that there is more sunlight during the summer months and for a longer period of time compared to that of the winter months. For this reason, Simply Solar recommends putting in solar panels before next summer so you can start taking advantage of the sun fully when summer comes around. Change the way you see energy and start your green energy journey. Your residential solar panels can be installed quickly and efficiently to begin harnessing the sun’s energy!


4. Cheaper Than Ever

Solar panels are now at their lowest price ever and the cost savings on electricity are even greater. In the 1970s, the first solar panels were considered quite costly, but since then, their price has fallen exponentially. Today, the cost of a solar cell can be less than $0.20 per watt. At this price, what are you waiting for? Schedule your solar consultation now!


5. Solar Panels Are Built To Last

Solar energy is the perfect green energy source because the infrastructure lasts. In fact, solar panels typically last about 40-50 years. This is especially impressive for solar panel plants that generate enormous amounts of energy and will last for the next half decade! Invest in your residential solar or commercial solar panels today!


6. Be More Like California

In the United States, California is doing the best in regards to solar energy by far. About 14% of all the energy generated in California is from solar panels. This is a pretty large amount, but it can be even better. More states should push for solar energy like California has, not only to lower their energy costs, but also to care for the environment. 


7. Fastest Energy Source To Install

If an emergency occurs or a crisis sets in, solar energy is the fastest energy source to install and retrieve energy from. Solar panels can be used more effectively throughout the world to aid in humanitarian crisis after natural disasters, in times of war, and other unpredictable events. There is no fossil fuel plant or energy resource that can be installed and delivered as quickly as solar energy. 


8. Untapped Potential

In the United States, almost 80% of American rooftops are viable for solar panels. This is enormous! The number of residential solar and commercial solar panels that could be installed is unbelievable. We have an untapped potential to harness more efficient, cleaner energy. 


9. Share Energy

Solar panels do not need to be designated for one person or one home, they can be shared. Solar communities are popping up all over the US in which neighbors or entire neighborhoods are sharing energy through their solar panels. An investment in solar energy can transform a community, their energy needs, and the cost of living. 


10. China Is The World’s Leader

Many countries, including the United States, can learn from China’s example. China has the most  solar installations in the world, and by a significant margin. The US has about half the solar panels than that of China. In order to provide clean, green energy, other countries need to catch up and increase their solar energy installations. 


Increase Your Solar Energy With Simply Solar!

For residential solar and commercial solar panels, please contact Simply Solar. We can transform your renewable energy use with solar panel roofing. A simple, yet efficient form of energy. Contact our team at (707) 285-7037 or request an estimate for your solar panels today. We can’t wait to help you and your solar needs!

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