Make Life Easier & Stress-Free With Solar | Simply Solar


Positive Effects

Making the switch to solar energy can have positive effects on a person’s mental health. Electrical bills are high enough and are expected to continue to rise. With solar you’ll be spending less on your electric bill, giving you the luxury of spending money on more important things. Like that vacation, you’ve been wanting to take. Also, when you switch to solar, you’ll have an abundance of financial rewards. A few of these include savings obtained via net energy metering (NEM) and the 26% Federal tax credit.

Stress Relieving Benefits

Another stress-relieving benefit of going solar is that you’ll never have to worry about another power outage. Let’s just say having the power go out while you’re halfway done with your shower is no fun. Plus, the hassle of pulling out the backup generator with the power already being out is enough fun. Batteries offered for solar energy are convenient and can be easily stored inside or outside your home without the need for transportation. They are aesthetically pleasing and have the ability to last up to 24-hours on a single charge! By switching to solar energy, you’ll also have the opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint, leaving our earth a better place for the next generation to come. Calculate your ecological footprint here.

Where to Start

Interested? If you want to relieve stress and go solar, finding a solar company especially in the state of California is easy! Solar is everywhere, and the choices are endless. The beautiful thing is the sooner you convert to solar energy, the more money you save. For example in the state of California, there are rebates given to those who invest in solar. However, rebates are subject to decrease starting as early as 2020. That is why it’s more affordable to go solar sooner rather than later. When you go solar, you also increase your home’s property value, saving you more money!
Solar and renewable energy is the future, and eventually, the majority of the population will go solar. So what are you waiting for? Ready to relieve stress and take your life back? Invest in solar and be part of the pack!